We have developed eco-friendly Carbonization  technology for biochar production and are EBC-type-certified (European Biochar Certificate). Since 2012, we have deployed biochar technology for our clients worldwide. Our CHP mode THL-Carbostruct technologies remove more than 5000 tons of CO2 and generate more than 100 MWh of energy for industry. THL carbonization technologies are suitable for developing the circular economy by reprocessing the different biomass into value-added biochar and green energy. We plan and execute the complete project to erect a pyrolysis facility for commercial usage with high-rated Technology Readiness Level (TRL-9). The THL can provide wide range of pyrolysis technologies such as batch-type pyrolysis, semi-continuous pyrolysis and continuous pyrolysis for biochar and activated carbon production.

Everyone wants their skin to be smooth and fresh. But this is not as easy. Alkaline ionized water helps to improve health condition and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ionized water helps fight and prevent disease like arthritis, skin disorders, overweight, diabetes and cancer. Alkaline water restores the body’s pH balance, work as a powerful antioxidant and maintain hydration at the cellular level.