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What is Alkaline. ?

Alkaline is premium enhanced water that helps you restore the acid-alkaline balance in a natural manner as it restores the self-healing capacity of the body with its. blend of alkalinity, electrolytes, and minerals that are essential for your wellbeing

What is the Ph.What does it mean. ?

The pH balance is scaled from 1 through 14 with 0 to less than 7 as acidic, 7 as neutral and anything over 7 as alkaline in nature. The ideal pH of the body is 7.35 to 7.45.

The pH of Alkaline is 9.5 which gives it its characteristic alkaline nature and makes it a must in your health basket. After all you need a HEALTHY INSIDE for an ACTIVE

What is ORP(Oxygen Reduction Potential) ?

ORP is the electrical charge needed to reduce or slow down oxidization (decay). Alkaline water must have a negative ORP in order to be considered beneficial to drink. ORP provides the ability to reduce oxygen’s ability to oxidize. ORP can be measured through an electronic hardware device. A negative ORP value (meaning a surplus of electrons) in ionized alkaline water is evidence of its antioxidant power.

Are the PH and ORP produced by a Thl water ionizer always the same. ?

Values and quality of alkaline water will vary from region to region due to differences in source water. In cases where local water has excess minerals the taste may be affected, or the alkaline water produced may have too high of a pH level.

What is the benefit of Alkaline vs Regular water.?

You get high quality alkaline water with a significant amount of electrolytes.

What does Alkaline do for my body.?

Be it the acidic foods or loss of electrolytes, our body is constantly challenged to remain balanced and always stay hydrated. Alkaline  provides you with a highly alkalized water product enhanced with electrolyte minerals that helps you in detoxifying and balances the pH levels in your body.

How long is the PH stable once it is bottled..?

The pH level can stay stable for upto 2 years in the bottle but we only mention it as 12 months .

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